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At J&D Sash Renovations we understand the difficulty in choosing the right company to work with you. Deciding which sash window firm to invite into your home to work on your windows can seem a daunting task. Working closely with Trading Standards we can take the worry out of this. Being members of the Trading Standards Buy with Confidence scheme means that you can rest assured that J&D Sash Renovations has been rigorously vetted and approved by Trading Standards. Trading Standards Buy with Confidence is a non-profit scheme which means they have your best interests at heart only offering you companies that are fully qualified and trusted to offer you a highly professional service at the best possible price. Please follow the link below to learn more about why J&D Sash Renovations is the best choice for restoring your sash windows.

Sash window renovation

Replacing rotten timber and using our specialist epoxy resin system means we can save almost all original sash windows, saving you money on replacement windows and keeping the original character of your period home. In the few cases where a replacement

window is unavoidable, your new window will be made using traditional methods and will look exactly as the original did.

Once we have removed your windows from their box frames decades of old paint will be removed taking your windows back to bare wood before being mended and thoroughly sanded to a smooth finish ready to be decorated inside and out with 4 coats of paint. The box frames will then be taken back to bare wood and any broken and rotten wood replaced and the pulleys serviced or replaced before being painted inside and out. The windows are then balanced and any extra weights added to ensure easy opening and rehung and new staff and part bead with integrated draught proof pile installed. Finally, a coat of paint over everything and new locks and window furniture fitted, or we can use the original ones if they are there.


All the work is carried out from the inside so there is no need for scaffolding or ladders and as our sash window restoration work includes having your windows professionally painted inside and out by our qualified team of decorators so there is no need to have to call in different tradesmen after we have gone. You are left with completely finished windows looking great and working perfectly.  

Fixed price wherever possible

With our highly skilled and experienced tradesmen, we are able to ascertain all of the work needed on your property when we initially visit your home, enabling us the ability to proudly offer a fixed price quote on 99% of all jobs leaving you free to relax and avoid the worry of that inevitable increased final bill. We will examine places for rot on the box frame which typically include the window cills and lower box frames and the windows themselves and determine the amount of work needed. We will also examine the cords, glass and the pulleys to ascertain if any need replacing.


Where the windows are fixed in place and on the 1st floor or above we will only be able to give you an exact idea of the state of the outside once the windows are freed. Although, after working on hundreds of sash window repairs along the south coast covering Hastings, Eastbourne and Bexhill our expert team can still give you a fixed price in almost all cases. Where it is not possible because of surprises when stuck windows are released we will still give you an exact price of what the worst-case scenario would be in our initial costing so you are totally aware and in complete control of the project from start to finish.

Double glazed units for your original sash windows

Keeping the prices for our work highly competitive and the cost of materials low and transparent  (you pay the same price as we do for materials) allows us to offer you the latest and best products on the market at no extra cost to you. These include the use of Slimlite self-cleaning double glazing units for your sash windows as opposed to standard slimline glazing. Using Slimlite double glazed units with its 5mm perimeter edge enables our tradesmen to avoid any visible & unsightly rubber gaskets showing on your sash windows, even on the glazing bars and avoids the need for extra-wide over painting on the inside and outside of the glass to hide it. This ensures that your sash windows are looking as they should when painted by our professional painters and as close to looking like single pane glass as is possible.


Most manufacturers of double glazed units use the much cheaper Argon gas to fill the cavity in their units which, as a light gas has little or no effect on sound reduction. Slimlite units are guaranteed for 10 years and use Krypton gas, which is much heavier,  giving you much better sound reduction and thermal insulation whilst cutting down on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Replacing one square metre of single glazing with Slimlite low E double glazing will provide a saving of approximately 90kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year

All of our paints used inside your home are environmentally friendly with no harmful odours and the materials we use are being constantly updated to find the best products with the lowest impact. From using wood from sustainable forests to biodegradable rubbish bags you can be sure the work in your home is kind to you, your family and your environment. We are proud to be on the list of companies on the Green Achievers website, please follow the link below to learn more.

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07522 444997 / 07777 691877

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