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Just a few of our most recent projects in 2020. Please click on the picture for more detail. It has been a tough year dealing with Covid and we keep all our customers safe by following all the Covid safe guidelines.

sash window renovation Eastbourne
finished windows Bexhill

Before and after shot of a sash window renovation project we worked on in Hastings.

rotton joint in need of restoration in Eastbourne

Rotten bottom rail of a sash window. We were still able to repair and save the window by replacing the bottom rail.

latest glazing for sashes in bexhill

28 Slimline double glazing units ready to install on a large restoration job in Bexhill

wooden cill
ready for new side of frame
Replacement cill and box frame
new sash windows

Window cill replaced with new cill keeping the exact design as the original along with new lower box frame. Rotten wood replaced and ready for windows to be installed

2 new windows to replace completely broken sash windows. Made using the same traditional methods as the originals

invisible double glazing unit in Brighton
sash window completed restoration Hastings
sash window locks

Windows completely renovated and professionally painted by our team of painter and decorators with new window locks fitted. Using the latest slimline double glazed units on the market there is no need for unsightly painting onto the glass to hide the thick double glazing gaskets found on many other older products . You get the look of original glass with all the benefits of modern double glazing

new glass in bexhill
sash windows eastbourne
sash window renovation eastbourne
destroyed bottom rail
sash window repair hastings

Another sash window restoration job in Eastbourne underway. Working along the coast repairing and restoring sash windows we come across sash windows with all sorts of problems. Here the lower box frame was rotten and needed replacing. When the box frames are damaged like this water soon soaks into the wall below causing damage to the inside of the room so its a job worth doing as soon as possible.

A sash window which has been slowly eaten away by decades of salt air. We will replace all the damaged wood and have this window looking as good as new m

Somebody had been a bit over eager applying the putty to the outside of this window in the past. We will remove the old and replace with 2 part rapid set putty which will allow us to paint the outside before we move on to the next job

side view of sash windows in Brighton
Sash window job in Eastbourne
New sash window finger lift
completed sash window repair work in Eastbourne

The finished product! All windows restored to their former glory with new locks and handles and completely decorated inside and out.

windows removed and ready for attention in Eastbourne and Hastings
replacement sash window furniture in Hastings
fully restored sashes
sash window renovation eastbourne

Recent sash window renovation job in Hastings. All the windows were fixed in place and painted shut with decades of paint. We took all the windows out and completely restored them getting them back to their original working condition and finished them off with a professional paint job and new window furniture and pulleys.

sash windows eastbourne
middle bay finished in Eastbourne

Extensive sash window renovation job in Eastbourne. Window cills replaced along with lower box frames as well as the sash windows themselves in need of urgent repair. All 18 windows restored to their original glory and looking striking in grey with new window furniture.

finished result, windows repaired in Bexhill
shutters added to sash window bay St Leonards on sea
recent sash window renovation project in Eastbourne
Sash windows Bexhill
sash window repair St Leonards on sea

Recently completed job renovating 7 sash windows. The customers had their sash windows renovated and painted by another company last year and were in such a poor state that they called us in to completely do them again. None of the windows opened properly as there was not enough attention put into balancing them. Rotten wood had been left in place and painted over and the finished paint job consisted of a splash of primer undercoat over everything....including the old flaky paint. So our job on these recently renovated windows consisted of removing all rotten wood from windows and box frames and replacing with new. Repairing all sash windows and making sure all the joints were strong and secure. Removing and replacing any broken glass and any loose and cracked putty. Sanding windows back to original wood and making it as smooth as possible ready for our professional painters to work their magic. Old pulleys were removed and holes cut to fit the new replacement pulleys which run on ball bearings enabling silent running of your sash windows and incredibly little effort to open and close them. 

sash window restoration Hastings
sash window restoration Eastbourne
all windows working as they should in Brighton and Hove
sash window restoration Bexhill

It takes years of renovating sash windows to get them looking and working this good and years of painting sash windows to know exactly where, and where not to paint the windows and the box frame. Most of the windows we come across have been painted shut and this is easily avoided by letting our experts finish your windows. Sash windows can only ever be made to look and work as they originally did when they are painted during the renovation process, while they are out of the box frame.

new frosted glass in Hastings
staff beading for sash windows
sash window restoration Lewes
sash window draught proofing

Below are the finished windows from the outside. As you can see the outside is finished in an off black matching the colour of the new pulleys and sash cord and window furniture. Here you can see the benefits of J&D Sash Renovations expertise and attention to detail come into its own. It is our ability to bring together all our expertise in carpentry, glazing, window installing and painting and decorating that enables us to offer you this level of finish.

sash window repair hastings
Wooden sash windows eastbourne
rear of property in Eastbourne
sash window repair Lewes
Wooden sash window repair eastbourne

Another project completed by J&D Sash Renovations

sash window repair brighton

Large sash window restoration job in a conservation area in Brighton we recently finished. All the sash windows were in a very poor condition with rotten window cills that needed replacing and extensive repairs to the box frames. All this had to be done before we fitted the 28 slimline double glazing units into them. We managed to save all of the original sash windows and box frames so when we had finished the restoration all the original character of the property was still there with the added bonus of windows that now performed to modern day standards with built in invisible draught proofing and new smooth running pulleys.

lower sash restoration in Brighton
sash window repair brighton
sash windows Brighton and Hove
sash window repair and renovation in eastbourne, hastings and brighton

In the pictures above you can see how the use of white gaskets in the construction of the slimline double glazed units and keeping the original sash windows makes the finished product look like normal glass. Keeping our prices competitive and always making sure our customers pay exactly the same price for materials as we do, enables us to be able to offer the very latest products made to the highest standards. All the work above was finished off by our team of professional decorators leaving the customer with a totally finished product looking as good as the day they were originally made 120 years ago whilst performing as if they were made yesterday.

Sash Window repair Eastbourne
Wooden Sash Windows Brighton
Sash windows Hastings
Sash window painted in Lewes
Sash windows Eastbourne, Hastings and Brighton

Another job finished to a highly professional standard in Bexhill. All glazing replaced with new slimline double glazed units whilst keeping the original Victorian Sash Windows. All windows were completely renovated with new window cills and lower box frames. This one threw up a few surprises in regard to the new cills but with our fixed price quotes this means it costs our customers absolutely zero extra and the final bill is always the same as the initial quote. Continuously adding to our Amazing reviews and taking pride in our work is our top priority and is why we continue to work alongside Trading Standards and offer our customers fixed price quotes instead of estimates. Estimates would leave our customers with the knowledge that the final bill can be vastly inflated with the many, many hidden things that are found in the renovation process. 

As far as J&D Sash Renovations are concerned the Renovation process includes everything visible and hidden and is why we receive such glowing reviews from all our customers. All our reviews are rigorously vetted by Trading Standards so you can see exactly when we received them ensuring you only see the most recent and up to date information about our work. So, even through these uncertain times you can rest assured we are working safely and still making our customers our top priority. Follow the advice from Trading Standards Buy with Confidence Scheme to ensure you get only fully qualified, fully vetted and experienced professionals working in your home.

Sash Window Repair Eastbourne
Sash Window Double Glazing Hastings
Wooden Window Repair Bexhill
Sash Window Restoration

A Sash Window job we have just finished in Seaford. As you can see the windows were in a very poor condition and needed total renovation along with the Box Frames themselves. Despite the poor condition of the windows all the sashes were able to be saved with our team of experts dismantling the windows and splicing in new hardwood where needed, saving our customer hundreds of pounds whilst preserving the character and history of the home. All glazing was replaced with Slim Line Double Glazing and then finished with a hidden Draught Proofing system which resulted in original sash windows looking as good as they did when originally made but working much better and up to date with modern standards on thermal efficiency and security. The customer chose a wonderful grey finish for our team to complete the windows in and antique brass locks and window furniture, which as you can see really finishes the job beautifully. 

Completed Sash Window Restoration Eastbourne
Sash Windows Brighton
Sash Window Painter and Decorator Eastbourne
Sash Windows project completed
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